Prescription Benefits

LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services administers the Prescription Drug Benefit Program for Wabash. LDI's skilled pharmacy health care team consists of Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Customer Care Representatives all committed to providing the safest, most cost-effective and reliable pharmacy benefits and services to our members.

Contact LDI directly to discuss your prescription benefits by calling the Customer Care Call Center at (866) 516-3121. LDI Customer Care Representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide the best possible service to Wabash members.

Participating Pharmacies: LDI has over 63,000 pharmacies in their network. You may contact LDI directly or refer to their website at to determine if an independent pharmacy participates in the network. You will be required to present your ID card to the pharmacist to update your record. Contact Wabash if you need a new or replacement ID card.

Mail Order Prescriptions: LDI offers a convenient mail order program delivering medications safely to your door in confidential, secure packaging. Prescriptions are filled directly from LDI's own on-site pharmacy within 24 hours of prescription receipt. LDI's mail order program is ideal for medication you take on a regular basis. You can order your prescriptions through the Mail Order Service by phone, mail or online. Additional information on the LDI mail order program is available at

Specialty Medications: Working with your healthcare provider, LDI administers a comprehensive, patient-centered specialty medication pharmacy program that focuses on early intervention, medication compliance and prevention of complications, improving quality of care while managing health care costs. Specialty medications are high-cost oral, injected, infused or inhaled medications that are either self-administered or administered by a healthcare provider and used or obtained in either an outpatient or home setting. Specialty medication and high cost injectables require pre-authorization by American Health Holdings - phone 866-458-4057. If you are currently receiving specialty medications and have not been contacted by LDI, please have your provider call LDI Pharmacy Services at 1-877-705-0111 to ensure there is no lapse in your medication.