Doctors / Hospital

In-Network Providers - Wabash contracts with Blue Cross / Blue Shield (BCBS) to provide participating provider organization (PPO) services. Wabash members have access to more than a half million physicians and 5,000 hospitals in the BCBS network. Participating providers in the BCBS network can be found at or by calling (800) 810-2583. Benefit coverage may be reduced for services received from providers who do not participate in the BCBS network. Participating providers can change at any time. Please check with the provider prior to treatment to confirm participating in the network shown on the member's ID card.

Emergency Services - Most Wabash plans will provide full benefit coverage if hospital emergency services were received for a life threatening condition or for a medical emergency which could result in serious harm if not treated immediately. Benefit coverage will be reduced by 20% if the condition is determined to be non-emergent.

Call your primary care physician, even when their office is closed, and describe your symptoms. The doctor can tell you whether emergency treatment is necessary. For urgent problems that don't require emergency care, most doctors will rearrange their schedule to squeeze you in that same day. When possible seek care at an urgent care facility if your primary care provider is unavailable.